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I’m Maria and I’m here to help and guide you into developing the skills you need to understand how a calm and focused outlook can give you a positive birthing process and skills that will last way beyond the birth itself.

You may be feeling a whole host of emotions from excitement through to anxiety and back again. These are all perfectly normal and that is why my focus is on you, to make sure you feel confident, knowledgeable and able to ask for what you want whilst enjoying a positive birthing process to welcome your baby into the world.

Benefits of hypnotherapy start when you practice them, they’ll keep you calm, relaxed & strong minded so your emotions don’t take control of you.




Cert Hyp CS

Ad Dip Psy C

Finding calm

With many years of experience in hypnotherapy, we understand the different emotions people feel.

Sometimes these emotions can grow from different stems, so we always provide knowledge tailored to you.

As experts in our field, we’ll always agree on what methods to use & discuss what can be achieved before you go ahead.

Simply put, we’ve got your best interests at heart.

We’re here to support you at every step 


Our team understands this can be an overwhelming time for families.

We emphasize with everyone involved and are here to listen, understand your thoughts & feelings and help you get through these testing months.

There are certain techniques that have proven to be extremely helpful. If you feel stressed, please get in contact with us.

We’re here to add value, provide comfort & reliable information.